Make your party even more spectacular with one of our very talented musicians. 

Give your guests or clients the WOW factor by introduing one of our talented musicians to join the party. We have scoured the country to bring you the best musicians who can accompany the DJ or entertain you with live music as a band.

Our Lit up instruments have proved very popular throughout the past few years. You can add a lit up; Saxophone, Bongo drum set or guitar to your event. These talented musicians work well with the DJ, adding even more excitement to your favourite tunes.

From the color theme and venue to the cake and the DJ, our planners will work with you to make sure the party fits your daughter's idea of a great time. Let us start planning the party of your daughter's life.


There are endless types of social events and gatherings, from birthdays and mile-marker events to baby showers and block parties. Whatever you have in mind, our event planners have what it takes to bring it to life and ensure that everyone in attendance has a great time.

You can rely on us to line up all the vendors, handle all the details, and be there to manage the event. When it comes to planning your next social event, let us do the work so you can go enjoy being social.